‘Close-up: Laura Mulvey’


Bozar invites film theorist and filmmaker Laura Mulvey, one of the most important theorist of the theory of the gaze and, more particularly, the 'male gaze'. She is responsible of the evolution of the film theory towards psychanalyses and feminisms. This Close-up at Bozar will take place from 8 May until 29 May, but Laura Mulvey will be present in Brussels from the 8 until 11 May. The programme includes four films by the filmmaker (at RITCS, Cinematek and Bozar), one carte blanche (RITCS) and a literary encounter (at Bozar).

Online film platform Cinetek asked Laura Mulvey to select 10 films. She chose five films directed by women and five films about women. Watch them here. ​​​​​​​

Amongst the feminist studies, Laura Mulvey is considered one of the most important figures. Students of universities and film schools will be more than intrigued to meet her.

Laura Mulvey (1941) is a British film theorist and director. She is a graduate of St Hilda's College, Oxford, and currently teaches film and media studies at the University of London. Her major essay, Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema (1975), published in the British magazine Screen, played a leading role in introducing psychoanalytic and feminist perspectives into film theory. Mulvey made six films in collaboration with Peter Wollen, including Penthesilea: Queen of the Amazons (1974) and Crystal Gazing (1984), as well as two films with Mark Lewis.

You will find the complete programme below on this page.

As both an admirer of Chantal Akerman and a filmmaker actively engaged with feminist issues and the deconstruction of the male gaze, this event was organised within the context of the exhibition Chantal Akerman: Travelling.

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Henry Le Boeuf Hall

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS


rue Baron Horta 9 1000 Brussels

Cinema RITCS

Rue Antoine Dansaert 70 1000 Brussels


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