‘The Conundrum of Colonial Monuments’

14 May'21
- 19:00

Somebody Didn't Tell Somebody Somethin'

The killing of George Floyd and the shocking and unbearable images of his death sparked numerous demonstrations of solidarity around the world. The recent tragic example of police violence against African Americans has led to a more global reflection on the display of monuments in public spaces, erected in honour of individuals engaged in the slave trade, the promotion of white supremacist ideologies and colonialism. This discussion will address critical questions, such as the place of colonial monuments in public spaces, the function they fulfil in the life of the city, and what they say about today’s society.

Participants: Jennifer Tosch (founder of Black Heritage Tours Amsterdam & New York) and Kehinde Andrews (Professor of Black Studies at Birmingham City University) and Marc Reynebeau.


Jennifer Tosch is a cultural historian, author and founder of ‘Black Heritage Tours’ in Amsterdam and New York. The tours make the hidden history visible as you explore the cities’ early Black presence and colonial history. 
Kehinde Andrews is an academic, activist and author of several books. He supervises postgraduate research in the areas of ethnicity and racism, Black Studies and how communities overcome inequality.


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BOZAR/Centre for Fine Arts

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 Brussels


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