‘Focus Chantal Akerman: Hôtel des Acacias’

21 Oct.'22
- 19:30

Yves Hanchar, Pierre Charles Rochette, François Vanderveken, Isabelle Willems, under the direction of Chantal Akerman & Michèle Blondeel.

In 1982, the director of INSAS (the Brussels film school) asked Chantal Akerman to direct a film workshop. The filmmaker made the students work on a script written with Michèle Blondeel. Two young women go down to the Hôtel des Acacias. The owner is unattached and ready to fall in love with the first woman who comes along. Between them will come the hotel's employees and clients, all of whom are wrapped up in love stories. A ball closes the story, whose moral is very similar to that of Golden Eighties, namely that love has its reasons that reason cannot understand; some are denied it whatever their qualities. 

This film was remastered by Thaïs Play David at INSAS as part of a Master's exercise in 2019-2020. The original negative was scanned by CINEMATEK.

The film will be introduced by Wouter Hessels (RITCS).
The film will be followed by a conversation with Nicole Valberg et Nathalie Willame (actresses), animated by Léole Poubelle (Film editor, INSAS graduate).​​

Practical information


Hall M

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS


  • Subtitles: English
  • Original version: French

(BE, 1982, DCP, 42')



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