‘Harp & Voice by Sophye Soliveau’

30 Nov.'23
- 21:15

Sophye Soliveau vibrates with the emotion of those who live to love music. A singer and harpist nurtured on Afro-American music since childhood, she studied classical harp and choral singing at the Conservatoire. Since then, she has broken out of the narrow confines of classical education, moving into soul, jazz and gospel.  

She spreads a fiery vocation during her concerts, where she often performs with the audience, transforming them into a giant choral corps. A collective magic is created. Her creations, written and composed mainly at night, are the result of her need to sublimate her sorrows and communicate the sensations that run through her.  

Sophye Soliveau is developing a soulful project and sets a goal to release her 1st EP in early 2024.​​​​​​​

This autumn, Bozar is hosting a mirror play in which multimedia artist Kapwani Kiwanga's new installation completes the exhibition Victor Horta: The Grammar of Art Nouveau. The performance by musician Sophye Soliveau, at the heart of the following nocturne, acts as a third reflection of this thrilling diptych.


The activity is included in the ticket of the Nocturne.

Practical information


Horta Hall

rue Ravenstein 23 1000 Brussels

Sound level

Level 1 ≤ 85 db