‘Last Nocturne of the Year’

30 Nov.'23
- 18:00

This autumn, Bozar is creating a mirror image in which the new installation by multimedia artist Kapwani Kiwanga reflects the exhibition Victor Horta: The Grammar of Art Nouveau. While the Centre for Fine Arts and the exhibition reflect an architectural élan linked to Belgium's geopolitical past, the tapestry by the Canadian artist poetically reveals the threads of an intertwined history. 

The performance by musician Sophye Soliveau at the heart of the next nocturne acts as a third reflection of this shimmering diptych. The sound of her voice and harp makes the walls, steeped in history, vibrate and anchors in the present the complexity of the influences they harbour. Sophye Soliveau's musical language weaves together RnB and Soul inspirations, and her voice evokes pure emotions of communion and trance.

Opening for Sophye Soliveau, Belgian electronic musician Le Motel creates a mosaic of sound for the Horta Hall. The plurality of his musical and cultural influences reveals a sound that tends to be universal and borderless.

The Bozar nocturnes leave you free to wander around the palace and let yourself be carried away by the resonance of the works and thoughts. The exhibition Our impact on ecosystems. Richard Mosse & Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, which opens its doors on this occasion, takes visitors on a journey from the history of societies to the consequences of human action on biodiversity. Through the projects presented in the exhibition, the two artists who won the European STARTS prize stimulate the viewer's conscious and critical gaze, and give life to the hope of a civic commitment.

Throughout the evening, spatial and temporal boundaries are blurred by a series of events: presentation of the book Rain by the American David Horvitz, whose Georgian glossary confronts the language with the consequences of climate change; alongside the exhibition The Avant-Garde in Georgia: 1900-1936 exhibition, a screening of Georgian artist Meggy Rustamova Adeishvili's latest film, Deda Ena, an ode to cultural roots despite uprootedness; a sound installation by Catalan video artist, visual artist and musician Carlos Casas that resonates with the retrospective Antoni Tàpies: The Practice of Art retrospective.

Ticket: 10€

6:00 pm - 11:30 pm Opening of the exhibitions: Antoni Tàpies. The Practice of Art / Kapwani Kiwanga / europalia georgia: The Avant-garde in Georgia / Victor Horta and the Grammar of Art NouveauNU architectuuratelier

And, in preview, the opening of the new exhibition: Our Impact on Ecosystems. Richard Mosse & Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

6.00 pm - 7.00 pm Ridoe (DJ-set)​​​​​​​

6.00 pm - 7.30 pm Visit in sign language - (LSF) in  Victor Horta and the Grammar of Art Nouveau 
6.00 pm - 7.30 pm Visit in sign language - (VGT) in  Victor Horta and the Grammar of Art Nouveau 

6.00pm - 7.00 pm Meet the artists Richard Mosse & Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg in the Exhibition Our Impact on Ecosystems. (in English) 
6.30 pm - 7.00 pm Meggy Rustamova (guided tour - presentation of the film Deda Ena) 

7.00 pm - 7.45 pm NU architectuuratelier​​​​​​​ (guided tour)

7.00 pm - 9.00 pm Le Motel (DJ-set)

7.30 pm - 8.00 pm 'წვიმა/Rain' (Rain)
8.00 pm - 8.30 pm Meggy Rustamova (guided tour - presentation of the film Deda Ena) 
8.00 pm - 9.00 pm Performance by Carlos Casas  
9.00 pm - 10.10 pm Performance by Sophye Soliveau 
11.30 pm    Closing of the exhibitions
11.45 pm    Closing of the Bar
00.00          End of the Nocturne

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30 Nov.'23

Bozar Nocturnes

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Horta Hall

rue Ravenstein 23 1000 Brussels

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Level 1 ≤ 85 db

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