‘Merope & Širom’

23 Apr.'20
- 20:00

indie folk night

This event can not take place due to the restrictions regarding COVID-19. BOZAR is trying to find a new date for the event in mutual agreement with our partners. If you have already purchased a ticket for the event, you can find all necessary information here.

Two groups for two concerts! BOZAR is welcoming the Franco-Belgo-Lithuanian group Merope, as it creates dreamlike atmospheres inspired by nature, in which traditional Lithuanian minimalist folk music combines with electronic atmospheres. Its third album Naktės, which Klara named the best Belgian world music CD in 2018, makes way for the enchanting universe of the night. Then it’s Širom’s turn to take to the stage. This group has an original form of expression which fluctuates between a broad range of Slovenian folk sonorities and contemporary acoustic rock meditations; a hi-tech mystical and contemplative minimalism which opens the mind to imagined folk.  


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Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS