Museums in Akershus

‘Pushing the Limits of Mobility’

17 Sept. →
13 Oct.'19

Roald Amundsen and the Age of Polar Exploration

This exhibition examines how technological developments changed the premise of human mobility in the most remote areas of our planet. However, during the age of polar exploration, pioneers like the Norwegian Roald Amundsen experienced that using new technology alone was not enough to survive in the brutal icy landscapes; the knowledge of indigenous peoples on the rim of the Arctic Ocean was still crucial. 
Pushing the Limits of Mobility was created by the Follo Museum, a part of Museums in Akershus, who are responsible for the stewardship of Roald Amunden’s House. The house holds a unique and diverse collection related to Amundsen’s private life and his polar expeditions. 

Practical information

This exhibition was made possible with the generous support from Akershus County Council, Norway.