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2 May'21

Artificial Intelligence and Luc Tuymans

What is the relationship between art and artificial intelligence (AI)? Can AI become a tool for the contemporary artist? Does AI look at a painting the same way we do?

BOZAR LAB and Gluon brought together AI expert Luc Steels (founder Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, VUB) and world-renowned Belgian painter Luc Tuymans to investigate these questions, in the form of a “scientist in residency” programme (2019-2021).

The exhibition SECRETS presents this ongoing research. Through projections of Tuymans’ work, you will get a better understanding of his creative process and visualise the adaptations that occur when transposing a photograph into a painting.

​​​​​​​Luc Steels and his team at Studio Stelluti have been able to analyse the paintings that were on show during Tuymans’ prestigious 2019 La Pelle exhibition at Venice’s Palazzo Grassi. They used several AI techniques to dive into the artist’s creativity process, and ultimately support Tuymans and other artists in their visual research or artistic decisions.


with the collaboration of AI researchers
Sinem Aslan (Ege University, Izmir)
Rachel Rapp (Technical University, Berlin)
Carlo Santagiustina (University of Venice Ca’Foscari)
Luc Steels (Catalan Institute for Advanced Studies ICREA, Barcelona)
Bjorn Wahle (Universitat Politecnica di Catalunya, Barcelona)

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This project was co-funded in 2019 and 2020 by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, under S+T+ARTS umbrella.