AI researcher Luc Steels & Luc Tuymans

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A new take on Art History through the use of AI

What is the relationship between art and Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Can AI serve as a tool for contemporary artists? Does it examine a painting like the human eye does? What happens when algorithms examine paintings? What do they see or not see?

These are some of the questions that Luc Steels, a specialist in artificial intelligence, and Luc Tuymans, a world-renowned Belgian painter, are trying to answer in the exhibition Secrets. Artificial Intelligence and Luc Tuymans, organised at the end of a two-year scientific residency by BOZAR LAB and Gluon. The exhibition can be visited at the Centre for Fine Arts until 2 May.

Watch all the videos of the interviews with Luc Steels and Luc Tuymans, recorded in the framework of the exhibition. These interviews are available in English – with Dutch and French subtitles.

Interview with Luc Steels

Interview with Luc Tuymans