‘See Festival: Arcus Quartet – Echoes of Zoo feat Pantelis Stoikos’

27 Jan.'23
- 19:30


Arcus Quartet

In December 2021, Bozar brought together jazz musicians from Eastern Europe, Italy and Belgium for a three-day residency dedicated to creation and intercultural encounter. Moldovan saxophonist Alex Arcus, Bulgarian drummer Borislav Petrov and Italian bassist Federico Pecoraro welcomed two young Belgian musicians: Thibaut Deryckere, a keyboard player from Kortrijk, and Antwerp trombonist Nabou Claerhout, who had to be excused for this concert. Together they create an original musical fabric around Alex Arcus' compositions and explore new sounds. Come and discover this original, sensitive and energetic music in the place where it was born!

Alex Arcus saxophone

Thibaut Deryckere keyboards

Federico Pecoraro electric bass

Borislav Petrov drums

Echoes of Zoo feat Pantelis Stoikos

​​​​​​​Echoes of Zoo is a band with a totally unique sound. The four musicians combine the exciting sounds of Middle Eastern rock with the complexity of West African percussion and funky dub sounds, all in the service of their psychedelic jazz with a punk attitude.  BREAKOUT, their latest album, is a celebration of breaking free from all constraints in a constant search for exciting and unexpected encounters, both cultural and musical. Infused with an eclectic series of Western, Eastern and African influences, Echoes of Zoo unleash their psychedelic and energetic jazz untamed onto the streets – like a wild animal that has just left its cage and is suddenly there staring you right in the eyes.
​​​​​​​For this project, they invite Greek trumpeter Pantelis Stoikos. Nathan Daems, who met Pantelis during once of his wanderings in the Balkans, says the Greek trumpeter is "the perfect complement to the Echoes of Zoo sound". Come and discover for yourself what this exciting collaboration will sound like!

Nathan Daems composition , saxophone

Lieven Van Pée electric bass

Falk Schrauwen drums

Pantelis Stoikos trumpet

Bart Vervaeck guitar

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See Festival

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