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Théâtre de Liège

‘Sortir du noir- WILL NOT TAKE PLACE’

12 + 13

Mary Jimenez, Bénédicte Liénard & Noma Omran

Sortir du noir was conceived by directors Mary Jimenez and Bénédicte Liénard. The work engages a sharp and sensitive reflection on the reality of migratory flows, in particular through the question of the duty of burial. The spectators are sitting on a sand-covered ground, close to the actors, and are surrounded by images. They are taken on an exceptional journey that is reminiscent of those of the Harragas (in literary Arabic "those who burn", in other words, figuratively speaking, "those who burn the borders"). This work is woven from the stories collected in Tunisia by the two creators of the project. The interaction between image, sound and living performance is at the service of the delicate subject of the duty of burial. The theatre stage turns into the place where the forgotten speak.

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Noma Omran
composition, vocals
Mohamed Toukabri
Estelle Franco
Mary Jimenez
director, editing, images
Bénédicte Liénard
director, editing, images
Sabine Theunissen
set design
Virginie Surdej
Aliocha Van Der Avoort
Kevin Jaspar


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  • French Arabic
  • Surtitles: French


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