Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre

‘Sufi Night’

23 Oct.'21
- 20:00

For centuries, Sufi thought has delivered a message of openness, tolerance and love. Every year for Sufi Night, Bozar and Moussem devote a whole evening to the haunting and sublime expressions of this branch of Islam. This latest edition showcases great voices from various cultures serving with expressiveness and respect the texts of the leading poets of the Sufi tradition. Ghalia Benali, a Belgian-Tunisian singer, actress, writer and visual artist, puts her performing talent at the service of the rich Sufi poetic repertoire from past to present. We also invite two masters of song for an exceptional encounter around Persian and Azeri poetry: Alim Qasimov, a specialist of the Azerbaijani mugham and one of the most impressive voices of our time, and Alireza Ghorbani, a leading Iranian singer.

Moufadhel Adhoum
Vincent Noiret
Nejib Farjallah
Rabābi : Alim Qasimov & Alireza Ghorbani. Feat. Hesam Naseri & Mahan Mirarab

Discover an exceptional encounter between two great voices from two kindred cultures. Alireza Ghorbani, a poet from Iran, and Alim Qasimov, a mugham specialist from Azerbaijan, come together to serve the power of the Sufi message. In this new project presented on the occasion of Sufi Night, two musicians of international stature bring their voices together to amplify the Persian poetry of the Sufi master Rûmî (1207-1273) and the Azeri verses of the eminent Fuzûlî (ca 1483-1556). The boundaries between Persian and Azeri Turkish are blurred in a music that subtly combines traditional sounds with contemporary Middle Eastern influences.

Alireza Ghorbani
Alim Qâsimov
Hesam Naseri
artistic director, setar
Mahan Haji Mirarab
Saman Samimi
Rauf Islamov
Milad Mohammadi
Mátyás Szandai
András Gábor Dés
Ghalia Benali sings the Sufi poets

The Belgian-Tunisian Ghalia Benali is a singer, actress, writer and visual artist. She sings in the classical Arabic language, but through her compositions she brings together a wide range of influences: from Arab folk to jazz and from contemporary lounge to classical Indian music. With her graceful, magical voice, Ghalia seems to be able to switch effortlessly between these different genres and cultural traditions. Especially for this Sufi Night Ghalia brings the programme "Hadret Ishq" حضرة عشق , an anthology of the immense and rich repertoire of Sufi poets; a programme ranging from ancient texts to contemporary voices, with the accent on Sufism as a lifestyle, more than just a faith.

Ghalia Benali

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