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5 projects have been selected for Next Generation, Please! 2021-2022

With Next Generation, Please!, Bozar wants to support and follow young people aged 15-26 who live as conscious, creative and articulate citizens in a society that needs to listen and hear their opinions and their ideas as never before.

This year 5 projects have been selected to be part of the 7th edition of Next Generation, Please!. Throughout the academic year, each selected group will collaborate and work together, share their ideas, aspirations and experience around current social issues and their reflections on our common future. During this process, they will develop together an artistic project. The outcome of this process will be presented to a broader public during a closing event that will take place at Bozar in May 2022.

While waiting to discover these new projects, be sure to visit the Next Generation, Please! 2020-2021 exhibition from 21 October to 14 November 2021.


Selected projects

  1. Desiderata by the King Baudouin Foundation and the VUB

Through the Desiderata project, the King Baudouin Foundation and the VUB seek to give a voice to 3rd year secondary pupils in Brussels on the issue of climate change. Students and teachers from the VUB Master’s degree in education are joining forces with artistic partners to work with 50 young people from three Brussels schools: the Anderlecht Atheneum, the Victor Horta School in Evere and Horteco in Vilvoorde. They will be accompanied by artists Aline De Nys (graphic designer), Eline Georg (actress, director and teacher of visual communication), Yelena Schmitz (writer and audio designer) and Thomas Deknop (photographer and director).

  1. T.I.M.E. by Muziek Forum

The T.I.M.E. project sets out in search of new emotions and new places through movement. The students of the Art & English class of the Sacred Heart College in Tervuren and the Royal Conservatory of Brussels will dive into the major social and environmental issues of our time in the company of artists Caroline Rutgeerts, Bas Schevers, Teun Verbruggen and the Alexandra Gadzina Band.

  1. MakeitLab by FactumLab

FactumLab invites Brussels residents aged between 16 and 26 to take part in its digital laboratory, MakeitLab, in close collaboration with the art collective Cosa Mentale (Célia Bétourné and Louis Cortes). Throughout the year, they will develop a collective work around places in the city that they connect with feelings of freedom, using a range of tools to illustrate them (such as drawing, 3D and virtual reality design, sound creation, and photography). The objective is to present a compelling journey in augmented reality during the exhibition at Bozar.

  1. God Is a Woman by Binfikir

The Binfikir association, which aims to promote socio-cultural diversity mainly through theatre, invites young women aged 15 to 26 of Turkish origin living in Belgium to create a performance questioning the double cultural identity of young women of immigrant origin. What does it mean to be a young girl or woman of Turkish origin in Belgium today? They will be supported by Erdinç Utku (artistic director of Binfikir), Luc Colin (director and author) and several experts (politicians, journalists, etc.).

  1. So sovereign! by le Wiels

Le Wiels invites the KNEPH artists’ collective to work with a group of young people aged 12-24, chosen from Alba’s Try-Out project, the @Home 18-24 shelter, and the Roger Lallemand High School. Through the artistic process, the young people will be invited to imagine new narratives and to find innovative and fun solutions to the division of territories and cultures. Starting off with the concept of sovereignty, they will question the boundaries between what is perceived as the norm and what is seen as marginal.

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