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Political philiosopher Srećko Horvat (Croatia) in conversation with Karl Van den Broeck

With the video interview series Repairing the future, Bozar wants to give a new impetus to thinking about the future by giving a platform to scientists, artists and thinkers from different fields. Economics, ecology, mobility, architecture are all covered, as well as beauty and solace. In this episode journalist Karl Van den Broeck interviews the Croatian political philosopher Srećko Horvat.

Repairing the future

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Repairing the Future

Conversation in English with subtitles available in French, Dutch and English.

Srećko Horvat (1983) is a young Croatian philosopher, writer and political activist. In 2008 he founded the now legendary Subversive Festival in Zagreb. He is one of the most exciting new voices in the new left movement that arose following the 2008 financial crisis. His most recent book is Poetry from the Future - Why a Global Liberation Movement Is Our Civilisation's Last Chance (2019), published by Penguin.

Srećko Horvat
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“Poetry is the only way to hack the system because poetry is unexpected. It brings something new. During the COVID19-crisis the same people who are cutting the budgets of the arts, suddenly realized how important culture and art were for all the people at home”

“We have to draw our poetry from the future. I don’t think that the solutions from the past will help us to navigate ourselves from this dystopian reality. I think we have to radically rethink the role of the state and the role of existing global institutions.”