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Relive 4th Stream

During 4th Stream you can discover local and international artists teasing and crossing the boundaries of jazz. Last December's edition featured KRANKk, Guillaume Vierset and Mattias de Craene, among others. Check out the concerts here!

Guillaume Vierset

As a sideman for Sharko or Typh Barrow, the leader of the LG Jazz Collective with Antoine Pierre and Jean-Paul Estiévenart, or part of the Harvest Group, Belgian guitarist and composer Guillaume Vierset’s music is delicate and thoughtfully constructed. The young musician will be at Bozar with his quartet – which includes masterful American drummer Jim Black – to present EDGES, a new EP that combines the sharp feel of rock & roll and the uplifting smoothness of jazz improv. Be ready for a selection of nuanced compositions, superb off-beat rhythms and meditative breathers.

Halaqat Impro Session

What happens when you bring together six artists with a wide range of musical and cultural backgrounds? The Halaqat Impro Session will be the culmination of an intense exchange between musicians who met for the first time just five days earlier. They were selected following an open call to bring together musicians from Europe and the Arab world who are making jazz and electronic music. In the days before the session, they will be improvising, experimenting, and exchanging ideas at Werkplaats Walter, the ultimate venue for experimental and avant-garde music.

Belgian music-lovers will already be familiar with these two participants: Mattias De Craene (Nordmann, MCI(III)) and Soet Kempeneer. Now is the ideal moment to discover the other four highly talented and promising musicians across the Mediterranean.

Discover in this video what improvisation means to the artists and how they see jazz evolving.