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Rewatch Peer Gynt

During Klarafestival, the Belgian National Orchestra performed the never previously performed score of Schnittke's Peer Gynt. Director Mien Bogaert and his team provided a stimulating visual dimension to this eclectic ballet.

Not only Edvard Grieg was inspired by Henrik Ibsen’s 1867 play Peer Gynt, but also the Soviet and German composer Alfred Schnittke. In 1986-88 he wrote for choreographer John Neumeier a monumental ballet about the Norwegian farmer’s son that bases his life on procrastination and avoidance. The Belgian National Orchestra gives this demanding work its Belgian premiere under the baton of the Danish conductor Michael Schønwandt. A team led by stage director Mien Bogaert develops a staging consisting of a video triptych with a live actor. Talitha De Decker is responsible for the choreography in the video parts. What to do with people who can’t keep up with the pace of our society?

Relive this great moment of the Klarafestival and don't hesitate to read the programme to learn more about the works performed and the artists.