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Statement on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Bozar stands resolute in the commitment to the preservation of dignity and all human lives. It firmly denounces every form of violence and suffering, such as those we are witnessing in the current development of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Reinitiated by a dreadful act of terrorism, the reaction escalated into a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, including taking innocent lives. We fervently advocate for the unwavering application of international humanitarian law as the indispensable path to justice and lasting peace.

War is a simplifier that demands an elementary division into friend and foe. Art lives from plurality of voices, from polyphony and debate. In turbulent times, more than ever, we place our trust in the power of the arts to connect people and offer solace amidst adversity. The arts possess an ability to foster unity and understanding among individuals from all backgrounds and beliefs.

We recognize the urgent need for continuous support of civil society, and as a cultural institution, we would like to remind the necessity of supporting artists and the creative sector. It is through these voices that we can forge a path towards healing, bridging divides, and paving the way for a brighter, harmonious future for all. In pursuit of these ideals, we welcome artists and thinkers from all over the world. We welcome individuals from both Palestine and Israel, based on the values of respect, dignity, and mutual understanding. By providing an inclusive platform for these artists and thinkers, Bozar fosters an environment that champions the convergence of cultures, ideas, and creative expressions.