‘20 Dancers for the XX Century and even more - Boris Charmatz [terrain]’

23 + 24

20 Dancers for the XX Century and even more is a living archive. Twenty dancers reinterpret, appropriate, exhibit, explain and perform famous, acclaimed or forgotten solos by modern or postmodern artists from the last century to the present. The artists take over the Centre for Fine Arts without an agreed framework. In order to underline the mobility and suppleness of the dancing bodies, they follow no programme and plan no timetable. Nobody knows exactly who will present what, when or where. We invite you to wander, exchange, comment and come into contact with this open work. Enjoy this unique and spontaneous moment.


Concept by Boris Charmatz [terrain].

With Laura Bachman, Boglárka Börcsök, Magali Caillet Gajan, Marco D’Agostin, Olga Dukhovnaya, Bryana Fritz, Letizia Galloni, Néstor García Díaz, Alain Irie aka Alaingo, Mai Ishiwata, Dai Jian, Samuel Lefeuvre, Filipe Lourenço, Fabrice Mazliah, Julien Monty, Benjamin Pech, Soa Ratsifandrihana, Marlène Saldana, Julie Shanahan and Frank Willens.




Focus On France

Centenary 1922 – 2022

Practical information


BOZAR/Centre for Fine Arts

Audience members can enter and leave at any time between the beginning and the end of the living exhibition.

The show runs continuously for 3 hours and there is free movement between the spaces.



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