Camarote - Cultura en Movimiento


19 June'21
- 19:00

Contemporary Cuban Art : Music, Dance, Visual Arts

Jean d'Amérique, poet, playwright and artistic director of the Haïtian festival Transe Poétique, invites you on a poetic journey with a Caribbean flavour while opening windows to the world. Discover his collection, Nul chemin dans la peau que saignante étreinte (Cheyne, 2017), full of a poetry that radiates with humanity, love and hope. During this solo recital, the lines of Jean d’Amérique engage in dialogue with the guitar of Humberto Gonzalez. A poem of great sensitivity, it is not a lament but a song of light carried by a bird of blues.  
Ruben Hernandez Music
is a young Cuban jazz project that brings together six musicians drawn from the realms of jazz and world music. Combining the syncopated rhythms of Afro-Cuban culture with the rich harmonies of jazz, the ensemble performs original compositions and arrangements inspired by current musical trends. Always in search of unique sounds, Ruben Hernandez, the trumpeter and leader of the group, expresses his inner world through compositions that evoke the tenderness and freshness of freedom.  ​​​​​​​

Musical poetry
Afro Cuban jazz


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The Courtyard of the Coudenberg Palace

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