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Published on - Luc Vermeulen

6 eclectic playlists especially for you

A new musical season means a wealth of artists, projects and works for you to discover. It is sometimes difficult to make a choice amidst such a large variety. Our six eclectic playlists, based on this season’s concerts, should help you by delving into in a particular atmosphere. Let yourself be swept away by the music. Then come and listen to the artists perform live at Bozar. Groove, experimental, classical… read about our variety of theme-based playlists. Bring on the music!

Playlist Groovy Beats

Nothing can get you moving better than an electrifying musical atmosphere. This playlist includes pulsating tracks to get you grooving to the beat.

With Glass Museum, Echo Collective, Aka Moon, György Ligeti, Niladri Kumar…

Playlist Romantic Delights

Lovers of symphonic sounds, penetrating brass sections, lyrical chords and piano acrobatics will find everything they are looking for and more in this series of - not exclusively - romantic works. You are in for a few surprises!

With the Chineke! Orchestra, Hilary Hahn, Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss, Bernard Herrmann…

Playlist Unwind

Whether a musical background to your work day or to lull you gently to sleep, the velvety tones on this playlist will both soothe and enchant you. Did you know that the piano, the pearly sound of the Mandingo kora and ancient polyphonies can create a perfect ambience? Give it a listen and judge for yourself.

With Nils Frahm, Ballaké Sissoko, Jeff Mills, the Latvian Radia Choir, Philip Glass, the Huelgas Ensemble…

Playlist Extreme Sounds

In marked contrast to gentle melodies, here you will discover some daring explorations of sound. Travel the edges of styles, genres and of music itself. A playlist for fans of experimental electronic music, free jazz and modern and contemporary classical music. Music to stimulate the senses and broaden your horizons!

With Jeff Mils, Pierre Boulez, Vanessa Porter, George Benjamin…

Playlist Women Compose, Play & Sing

Female musicians are being celebrated this season. This playlist brings together works by female composers from all eras, exceptional singers, instrumentalists and conductors. Discover some new favourites and then come and hear them live!

With Dianne Reeves, Laurie Anderson, Rebecca Clarke, Angélique Kidjo, Charlotte Bray…

Playlist In Czech Lands

With Focus on Czechia, Bozar visits the Czech Republic and explores the country's thriving artistic creation. This multidisciplinary programming brings together film, a modern art exhibition and numerous concerts.

With the penetrating voices of the Grunik folk ensemble, the greatest Czech orchestras, the truly outstanding Pavel Haas Quartet, the soprano Magdalena Kožená, the works of Dvořák and Janáček… and more.

Did you like these playlists? Browse through our programme and find your favourites artists.