‘Focus on Czechia’


Cross the bridge to timeless wonders

Creativity as a crucial European value will be at the forefront when the Czech Republic takes centre stage at Bozar in the second half of 2022. For six months, for the second time in its history, the Czech Republic will be leading discussions at the highest level of the continent, as it holds the Presidency of the Council of the EU. An ideal opportunity to present a broad cultural programme in Belgium.

At Bozar the program spans anything from music to artificial intelligence. The Czech season will start with the Prague Philharmonia under the direction of Jan Kučera and end with a showcase of exciting young Czech musical talent. In between these two concerts, the Henry Le Boeuf Hall will host outstanding ensembles such as the Pavel Haas Quartet and the Collegium 1704, and excellent musicians such as Václav Luks and Hana Blazikova.

In December experts on artificial intelligence will meet with artists and philosophers to discuss how to build a more inclusive artificial intelligence essential for the sustainable development of our society.

Monthly film screenings evoke elements and characters from the past in brand new forms: a perfect opportunity to remember Emil Zatopek or Václav Havel through a dialogue between heritage and contemporaneity.

Focus on Czechia will be a journey through centuries of Czech culture, with one common thread: its continuous creativity. This will also be reflected in the installation by Milena Dopitova in the heart of the building.