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For over 85 years, more than just games

Bozar x National Lottery

For almost 90 years, the National Lottery has, thanks to its players, been able to invest a considerable amount of money in projects with high public, cultural, social or scientific added value. Bozar has been one of the fortunate partners for years, and we would like to look back on this together now.

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Meaningful Partnerships

As part of its social mission, the National Lottery has been supporting the Centre for Fine Arts for many years. Year after year, the lottery contributes with subsidies for the implementation of Bozar's artistic programme. But it doesn't stop there. They also support specific projects such as the maintenance of our beautiful building - just think about the renovation of the organ in 2012-2013. And they also regularly give a big boost to the artistic programme at Bozar. We are now listing some of the best projects which were possible thanks to the support of all the National Lottery players.

"I hope that Bozar can have a large audience because audience and customers, that's what it's all about." Jannie Haek, CEO of the National Lottery, on the occasion of the annual gala dinner, centenary edition anno 2022

Bozar at Home

Indeed, both organisations are all about you, the players and the audience. During the coronavirus pandemic, we could not welcome our audience into our halls for a long time, so Bozar had to come to you. Thanks to the support of the National Lottery, we were still able to realise a wonderful project in unprecedented times: Bozar at Home. Artists such as Igor Gehenot, Seckou Keita and Bram De Looze performed concerts in their own living rooms. We also delved into the Bozar archive and looked back at performances as part of the Yves Klein exhibition.

Singing Brussels
Singing Brussels '22 © Pablo Kharroubi

Next Generation, Please! and Singing Brussels

Diversity is very important to the National Lottery. The countless projects which receive support thanks to their many players must also be close to the hearts of these players. Hence the wide variety of organisations and projects supported. In two special projects, thanks to the National Lottery, we are able to highlight a diverse audience. Next Generation, Please! gives young people a voice by inviting them to share their concerns about the future and their vision of the world. It is an open platform and brings together people from different backgrounds: young people, artists, experts, thinkers, etc.  Singing Brussels was set this year in the Marolles, the iconic working-class neighbourhood of Brussels. Everyone was welcome to come and sing and party with us.

Art reconnects Belgium

"The National Lottery is proud to be able to support this unique project, 'Art reconnects Belgium', thanks to all its players. As such, the National Lottery also affirms its belief in the broadly connecting and expressive power of graffiti and street art."

During the 2020 Belgian National Day, Bozar and the National Lottery organised Art reconnects Belgium. This did not consist of a grand parade or tumultuous festivities, but a day dedicated to hope and solidarity in the aftermath of the first major wave of the pandemic. Four artists - Zenith (Matthias Schoenaerts), Rinus Van de Velde, ELNINO76 and Dema - were invited to create a large mural at four locations in Belgium, which everyone could enjoy, or is still enjoying.


2022 is an important year for the Centre for Fine Arts. 100 years ago the idea of creating a Centre for the Arts was born in Brussels, partly on the initiative of a number of concerned citizens - an early example of a public-private partnership. It should come as no surprise, then, that the National Lottery has helped to put its weight behind this centenary celebration. Thanks to the support of its players, Bozar was able to develop a comprehensive programme tailored to the needs and desires of its audience.