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Relive the Afropolitan Weekend

Afropolitan Weekend, it's a wrap! It is time to look back, and we still owe you an interesting talk: in 'Heart & Soul' you will meet Guilaine Kilouani. She will discuss the history, care and healing of trauma experienced by communities of African descent in Europe. You can also (re)watch the debate 'Afropolitan Women and Black Europe at the European Parliament'. Enjoy watching!

16.07 - Online debate: Heart & Soul - BE Side Lectures with Dorrie Wilson

Heart and Soul invites you to an encounter with Guilaine Kilouani. She will discuss the history, care and healing of trauma experienced by communities of African descent in Europe. This meeting will be an opportunity to reflect on the different pathways to resilience for Afro-descendants living in Europe.

Participants: Guilaine Kinouani & Dorrie Wilson

Guilaine Kinouani is the Director and Founder of Race Reflections, and author of the new book, Living While Black: The Essential Guide to Overcoming Racial Trauma. She is a psychologist and clinician with over 15 years experience working with issues of equality and justice in the fields of community development, research, management, organisational consultancy, training and psychotherapy. You can buy her book Living While Black: The Essential Guide to Overcoming Racial Trauma at the Bozar Bookshop.

Revisit: Afropolitan Women and Black Europe at the European Parliament

While 39.5% of MEPs are now women, black women continue to be severely under-represented in the European Parliament, with only five of the Parliament’s 705 elected members being women of African origin.
This debate, proposed by Olivia Gieskes and organised in partnership with ARDI (The European Parliament Anti-Racism and Diversity Intergroup) and ENAR (European Network Against Racism), aims to honour these women, and, in doing so, to question the under-representation of women of African descent, while highlighting their growing influence at both community and social levels.
The programme is divided into two parts. It opens with the MEP women speaking about their experiences, challenges and struggles, followed by an exchange between these women and the audience on the contribution of Afropean communities in politics.

With: Samira Rafaela (MEP), Pierrette Herzberger-Fofona (MEP), Monica Semedo (MEP), Ojeaku Nwabuzo (ENAR) & madeleine kennedy-macfoy (moderation)

Revisit: No apologies required - Carte blanche to Lisette Lombé and her guests

The poetic energy of L-Slam never fails to impress. Female slammers, storytellers, performers, singers, DJs, dancers... they come together on stage in an original, powerful and organic experience. 
The L-SLAM collective was created by the multi award-winning Belgian author and slammer Lisette Lombé. It builds bridges between artistic and voluntary communities and aims to be resolutely emancipatory.
A multi-faceted artist, Lisette Lombé was made an Honorary Citizen of the City of Liège for her approach as an artivist and ambassador of slam. In 2019, she received a Golden Afro Artistic Award for her novel Vénus Poética and in 2020 won the Prix Grenades/RTBF for her collection Brûler brûler brûler.
With: Lisette LombéRia CarbonezMarie Darah, the Duo (Virginie Onvoh & Amadou Farida), Julie LombéRokia BambaMulakozè, Farah YoussoufMarie-Paule MugeniChristelle Niyotwizera and Nadine Baboy.

Revisit: Couleurs sonores & visuelles - Performance by MANDJi 

This performance unites the sunny groove and voice of singer Sarah Carlier, the sound creations of DJ Rokia Bamba and the visual productions of VJ BenRichard. Three artists are brought together by the association MANDJi and Nicole Letuppe for a show bursting with sound and vision.