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‘Soundcheck’: the Podcast

Dive into the ambiance of concert preparations at Bozar. The four episodes of the Soundcheck podcast will take you backstage to meet artists and technicians at Bozar.

What happens on the stage and behind the scenes before the doors are opened to the audience? What if the audience could also experience these buzzing moments of excitement?

This was the idea that led to the creation of the Soundcheck podcast mini-series. In the form of ‘audio postcards’, Soundcheck immerses you in four different worlds, from Flamenco to instrumental Renaissance music, as well as electronic and experimental music. With no voice-over, these audio capsules contain only the music, background sounds and interactions between the artists, production managers, technical teams, reception staff and you, the audience. Recorded in spring 2021, they put the spotlight on the people hidden in the shadows and the magical moments that take place before the concert.

Treat yourself to a few minutes of calm and tranquillity. Grab a headset or some earphones. Settle down somewhere comfortable. And enjoy this unabridged experience. Happy listening!

Pilot episode

This brief introduction welcomes you to the podcast and prepares you for listening to the following episodes.

In French/Dutch – 1 min

Episode 1: Antonio Paz 

Explore the Vivencias project by singer Antonio Paz and his group of musicians, which came together as part of the Bruselas Flamenco Festival. Organised in spring 2021, this no-audience concert was recorded and filmed, and then broadcast online.

In French – 6 min – Flamenco

Watch the concert stream

Episode 2: Lion’s Drums

Savour the atmospheric music of Marseille DJ and producer Lion’s Drums (Harold Boué), mixing songs from the Kagabas people, sounds from the Colombian Sierra Nevada and electronic sounds. The profits from the Kagabas project are donated to an association that works to protect the forest, land and rights of these people.

In French – 7 min – Electronic music

Watch the concert stream, presented in collaboration with Nuits Sonores Brussels

Episode 3: Benjamin Glorieux & Brent Vanneste

This unusual Belgian duo combines a diverse range of sounds in their organic and spontaneous music: a cello, a synthesiser, electric guitars and vocals, all enhanced with a wide range of audio effects. Held in the courtyard of the Coudenberg Palace, this concert was part of the Summer Palace Concerts that marked the return of audiences to concerts in spring 2021.

In Dutch – 9 min – Experimental, ambient

Find out more about the collaboration between Benjamin Glorieux & Brent Vanneste.

Episode 4: InAlto

Led by the cornetto player Lambert Colson, the Belgian ensemble InAlto performs music for Renaissance woodwind instruments. Discover the unique sound of this group that combines flutes, sacbuts (early version of the modern trombone), dulcians (distant relatives of the oboe) and cornettoes. This concert was also part of the Summer Palace Concerts organised in the courtyard of the Coudenberg Palace, where Holy Roman Emperor Charles V held court in the 16th century.

In French – 9 min – Early music

Listen to the recordings of InAlto

Realisation: Arthur Deligne (EP 1 & 2) & Luc Vermeulen (EP 3 & 4)

Editing, mixing & mastering: Thibault Heineken (EP 1, 3 & 4)

Editing & mixing: Raphaël Terlinden (EP 2)

Voice recording: Benjamin Bertozzi

French voice: Arthur Deligne

Dutch voice: Katrien Kiekens