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Springtime at Bozar

Holidays are more than just lazing on the couch. Add some spice to your days off and come visit extremely interesting exhibits and events with the whole family. Our fun visitor guides for children and interactive exhibits will fascinate young and old alike!

The visitor guides can be found in the exhibition spaces and in a digital version below. Already getting excited?

Our offer:

Bozar celebrates 100 years of surrealism with an exhibition around Belgium's famous avant-garde movement. Belgium's quirky surrealists go beyond the purely aesthetic - they want to transform the world with their subversive art. 

Famous Belgian artist James Ensor was much more than painter of masks and skeletons. He was not only a gifted writer, but also a great music lover and composer. That is why Bozar pays tribute to the man from Ostend with an exhibition that highlights all his facets.

Yannick Sas

The expo outlines the atypical trajectory of the Belgian filmmaker, writer and artist. From the very beginning in Brussels to the Mexican desert, from her first films to her last installations in 2015. This is the first major exhibition to feature unique and never-before-seen images, production and working documents from her archive.

© Julie Pollet

Bozar invited five artists to create artworks that can be experienced in Augmented Reality (AR). The works float around the Kunstberg district. Discover the eight surrealist-inspired artworks on the facades of buildings in and around the Palace. Click here for more info and to download 'BozAR Surrealism' app.

Bozar is delighted to welcome everyone with open doors every day for a concert, film, expo or other exciting activity that stimulates creativity and senses!

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