Writers & Thinkers ’21-’22

Bozar’s stage for talks and debates

Bozar brings a number of exceptional voices from the 21st century to its Writers & Thinkers stage. A richly filled series of talks and debates that take you into in-depth discussions on the cutting edge of art and society. The most important writers and thinkers of tomorrow elaborate on the big themes of today. From democracy to diversity to beauty and consolation.

During early 2022, our stage will turn blue, white and red. The race for the French presidency in April, as well as the French chairmanship of the Council of the European Union present a perfect opportunity for Bozar to hold a whole series of talks in French. Expect encounters with authors like Mathias Enard, Didier Eribon, Olivier Guez and Leïla Slimani, all of whom are prominent figures in the public debate in France. From the Belgian perspective, Antoine Wauters will be presenting a musical reading from his successful novel Mahmoud ou la Montée des Eaux and Geert Buelens will discuss us a book on the Club of Rome, whose report The Limits to Growth predicted today’s climate crisis fifty years ago. The American journalist George Packer will be talking to us about the challenges facing democracy in his country. It’s been a long time coming, but Bozar will also pay tribute to classicist, BBC icon and feminist Mary Beard and her lengthy career. Also on the agenda are discussions of social and artistic themes that are relevant today, including a symposium in which voices from the cultural sector look ahead at the future of Bozar on the occasion of our centenary. Finally, there will be a new edition of the popular Live Magazine, an enriching evening of listening which sees a group of journalists bring a magazine to life through storytelling.  

Would you like to start digging deeper already? You can revisit past talks at any time with our new podcast series.