Jean Echenoz

Writers & Thinkers ’21-’22

Bozar’s stage for talks and debates

Bozar brings a number of exceptional voices from the 21st century to its Writers & Thinkers stage. A richly filled series of talks and debates that take you into in-depth discussions on the cutting edge of art and society. The most important writers and thinkers of tomorrow elaborate on the big themes of today. From democracy to diversity to beauty and consolation.

We will be welcoming Blaise Ndala, born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, who wrote a novel about Expo 58 and knows better than anyone how much this country is still struggling with its colonial past. Spanish cult author Agustín Fernández Mallo will come and talk about his Nocilla Trilogy, a novel series after which an entire generation of writers was named. Political philosopher and EU expert Luuk van Middelaar will present his new book. French-British author and human rights lawyer Philippe Sands will come and talk about the war criminals of the Second World War on the occasion of a new podcast series. Top authors Stefan Hertmans and Drago Jančar reflect on the after-effects of that same war on the European continent. Young talent Marieke Lucas Rijneveld wrote a poem for David Hockney which the writer will be presenting at Bozar. Charlotte Mutsaers is being put in the spotlight for her work and classics professor, BBC icon and feminist Mary Beard is being honoured for her prolific career.